About Sunday Singles

What Is it?

Sunday Singles has tailored a comedy experience for singles looking to have a laugh and connect through humour.

Rather than connecting people via dating apps, the team has developed an interactive and entertaining show to bring people together in a light-hearted, no pressure approach.

The shows contain multiple segments, some of our favourites are "Blind dates" (as seen on TV) and "Have you met my mate?" where your friends will ask the questions to potential date candidates.

Creating comedy events for singles to meet and have a laugh. With a focus on having a laugh and not a serious expectation for love at first sight. If it’s meant to be. It will be.

How It All Started

Sunday Singles was established in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, during a time where socialising was tough and people weren't able to interact face to face.

Founder, Jack McAllister noticed people who were single were quickly becoming frustrated with online dating and would prefer to meet people face to face.

After more research into the dating scene it became apparent that one of the most important parts to dating and connecting with another person is through humour.

A short time later, Jack launched a test show at The Comedy Lounge in Perth Western Australia which sold out within days. Over the next two years the team ran shows on a weekly basis and spent the time reinvesting into the business, perfecting the show format.

Sunday Singles social media quickly become an internet sensation. Reaching a combined following on Tiktok and Instagram of over 650,000 Followers. 

By November 2022, Sunday Singles was successfully launched into Brisbane, Queensland and Adelaide, South Australia.

In early 2023, Sunday Singles continued their expansion to other States and Cities in Australia.

The team is in communication to launch the brand globally.

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