Best Sunday sessions in Perth - 2020

Best Sunday Sessions in Perth - 2020


Perths best Sunday Sessions in Perth. Where is trending and how to finish off your weekend right.

Sunday Singles - Held at one of the best live stand up comedy venues in the world. Sunday singles and Comedy Lounge have collaborated with some of the best comedians in Australia to produce an event for Singles in Perth. The shows contain multiple segments, some of our favourites are "Blind dates" (as seen on TV) and "Have you met my mate?" where your friends will ask the questions to potential date candidates.

They have awesome giveaways, full expense paid dates, blind dates and live stand up comedy.

This is definitely an event to check out. Visit for more information.

Merry Well Crown Perth - Being East of the river, you're not exactly spoilt for options for a Sunday sesh. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to do. Merry Well is always a good time. The food is american themed and is to die for. Definitely worth grabbing some tappas go with with your drinks.

Lookout Scarborough - You've most likely seen the line out the door before, this place absolutely pumps. There's always a crowd to get the vibe going. They put on local DJ artists to keep the night going.

We'd suggest getting down early to avoid missing the que. They also have a bowling alley inside the venue which is pretty neat.

OBH Cottesloe - It's been going for years and is still one of the best sunday sesh vibes especially on a sunny Sunday. They've got live music, plenty of drinks to choose from and a chill crowd.

They've got an outdoors area downstairs which is huge, plus not many people know, but if you go up the stairs they have a roof top bar with exeptional views over the Indian Ocean.

Rosemount Hotel - 

You can't go wrong with this chilled vibe hotel, hosting live music to finish off your weekend. Plenty of beers and drinks at the bar with enough room inside or outside for everyone. Easily one of Perth's best Sunday sessions. 





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