About Us

Where Laughter Meets Love.

Sunday Singles has crafted a unique comedy experience specifically designed for singles eager to connect through the joyous realm of humour. Steering clear of the impersonal nature of dating apps, our team has orchestrated an interactive and entertaining show that fosters genuine connections through a light-hearted and pressure-free approach.

Our shows are peppered with engaging segments that are both fun and facilitating connections; favourites include "Blind Dates" (as seen on TV) and "Have You Met My Mate?", where your friends get the chance to quiz potential date candidates. It's not just a comedy event; it's a vibrant platform where laughter meets love, fostering authentic connections and unforgettable moments.

Our Story

Sunday Singles was born out of a simple yet revolutionary idea: to create a space where singles could meet and connect through the universal language of humour. We embarked on this journey with a vision to redefine the dating landscape, offering an alternative that is not only fun but also deeply human.

Our stand-up comedy game shows are not just events; they are experiences crafted to ignite laughter, foster authentic connections, and perhaps, spark a flame that lasts a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

At Sunday Singles, we are guided by the philosophy that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Our events are designed to be light-hearted and joyous, where you can be yourself without the fear of judgment. We create a space where humour meets romance, fostering connections that are both meaningful and delightful.

Our Promise

We promise an unforgettable experience where you can:

  • Laugh Out Loud: Enjoy a night filled with laughter and joy, hosted by our quick-witted comedians.
  • Connect Authentically: Meet like-minded singles who value real connections over virtual swipes.
  • Create Memories: Be part of an event where every moment is a chance to create a memory that you will cherish.
  • Find Your Tribe: Join a community of singles who believe in the magic of laughter and the possibility of love.

Join Us for a Night of Laughter and Love

Are you ready to ditch the dating apps and embark on a journey of laughter and love? Sunday Singles invites you to be part of a revolution that is changing the face of dating, one laugh at a time. Book your tickets now and step into a world where love meets laughter, only at Sunday Singles.

Sunday Singles has tailored a comedy experience for singles looking to have a laugh and connect through humour.  

Rather than connecting people via dating apps, the team has developed an interactive and entertaining show to bring people together in a light-hearted, no pressure approach. 

The shows contain multiple segments, some of our favourites are "Blind dates" (as seen on TV) and "Have you met my mate?" where your friends will ask the questions to potential date candidates. 

Our comedy events for singles focus on enjoying a hearty laugh and having a good time, rather than fostering serious expectations of love at first sight. Yet, we believe that if it's meant to be, it will naturally unfold