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As of Monday 31st January 2022. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirements will apply at our venue. This has been directed by the Government of Western Australia.

What to expect?

Here's a quick recap from one of our previous shows.


Sunday Singles is back better than ever for Fringe World Festival 2022, following a sell out season in 2021.

Introducing a unique and explicit interactive comedy show for singles in Perth. Located at the Comedy Lounge. Murray Street, Perth. A must see show this Fringe Festival.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to go on stage?

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Definitely not. If you don't want to be involved on stage you don't have to. We have plenty of people putting their hand up so it's fine. Usually people feel more comfortable going up the second time.

Do you have to be single?

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You can still come down and watch the show if you're in a relationship. 95% of people at the show are single.

What is the age bracket?

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Our shows are all age events. The average age bracket is 23 to 45. We get a real good age mix though and it varies show to show.

Can I come solo?

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You sure can. We have lots of people who prefer coming solo. We arrange our seating so you won't be sitting by yourself if you do come solo.

How do I volunteer?

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Get to the event 30 minutes prior and speak to the door staff. They will write down your name and see if they can get you up on stage.

My question has not been covered

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Send an email to and we'll get back to you straight away.

Show Content

Blind Dates

You get three questions to ask before you choose who you want to take on a date. Spin the wheel and see what you win.


Hand over the control to your best friend and let them ask the questions and decide who they think is right for you.


Five random audience members get a 'Cock block card' where they can swap out any contestant on stage at any point of the show. This is the ultimate power


Upstairs, 413 Murray Street Perth

Sundays 4:00pm - 7:00pm


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