Must see show at Fringe World Festival 2021 – Sundaysingles

Fringe World Festival 2021



We are excited to announce we have shows running every Sunday throughout fringe. We've spent the last six months tweaking our shows just in time for Fringe 2021.

If you're single this is a must see show / event. Not only will you have a laugh but you may meet your better half. We've successful set up multiple couples as a result of our show.
The evening is packed full of stand-up comedy and it's hosted by some of the best comedians in Australia.
We constantly have surprise guests jumping up on stage. If you enjoy TV shows such as "Blind Date" or "If You Are The One" you'll love our versions of it. Nothing beats the real life version.
This is going to be an absolute hit and their is nothing else like this on the market.





Q: Is it LGBTQI+ friendly?

A: Of course. However, over the last 6 months of running our shows we've noticed it's predominantly heterosexual, so we are currently in the process of putting together a LGBTQI+ show which may be more suited, any questions please let us know. We're trying new shows to accommodate for everyone :)

Q: Is there an even ratio of men and woman?

A: It works out to be about 55% woman to 45% males as the ladies tend to bring a "wing woman" so this is a way to even out the single ratio of participants.

Q: I want to come to the show, but I don't have anyone to go with. Will there be other people on their own?

A: Surprisingly a lot of people prefer to come on their own to get out of their comfort zone, we have staff members who seat individuals on their own with others in the same boat as you.

Q: Do I have to participate in the show segments?

A: Not at all, we do recommend it but you'll have just as much fun if you sit back and enjoy the show.

Q: Am I too old or too young to attend?

A: Prior to Fringe World Festival, we ran two age brackets, being under 40's and over 40's. However, for the Festival we are running all age events. We expect an average age bracket to be between 25-50. Regardless of your age you'll have a good laugh and night out.

Q: Where is Sunday Singles held?

A: We'll be situated upstairs at 413 Murray Street Perth. It's a short walk west on Murray Street from Perth Underground Train Station. You won't miss it (we've lit the building up yellow).

Q: My question has not been answered, who do I speak to?

A: Give the owner, Jack an email directly and he'll answer any questions you may have -

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