Jack McAllister - August 04 2020

2020 Dating Profile Tips - For her by him

Dating online is considered the norm amongst the society today, especially with the Covid-19 we've noticed an even bigger increase for online dating. So, we've decided to put together a short but sweet blog to give you a helping hand when it comes to your profile and what you may be doing wrong.

Lets get started, ladies. Creating a profile can be daunting and let's face it, not everyone finds it easy to talk about themselves without coming across as if you're gloating or bragging. I've compiled a list to follow and by the end of it you will be ready to role. We'll cover your Tinder, Bumble and Hinge profiles.

#1  Ask for your friend's advice.

We all have one friend who's a little too honest for their own good, well this is the friend you pick for helping with your profile. From what to write all the way through to what photos you upload, ask them for their feed back.

A good way to start would be getting them to describe you as a person. This is helpful to get the ball rolling.

#2  Be Honest.

If you're not a lawyer, don't say you're a lawyer. The most important thing is to put yourself forward for who you are. At the end of the day, a lier will be caught out eventually and you don't want someone to be interested in the person that you're not. 

Be proud of who you are and promote yourself.

#3  Recent photos.

Yes, we're all guilty of picking the photos from way back where age may not have gotten the better of us, but you want to be honest here and pick recent photos that represent you for who you are.

Put it this way, If you're selling a car, do you show the photos of your car when you first bought it or how it is now with maybe a couple scratches, dent's and faded paint. 

Remember, you're on these dating apps to get a date, which means at one point you're going to meet in person and they're going to see who you are without those filters or photo shopped photos.

#4  We ain't playing "Wheres Wally".

I've seen this countless times and so have my mates. Ladies, make sure you up load a least a couple photos where you're the only person in the photo. There's nothing more frustrating when you have 5 of your girlfriends in each photo and we have to decipher the code to pick which one you are in the photo.

#5  Short and sweet.

If we wanted to read a novel, we'd pick up a book. Remember high school where you had an essay word quoter to meet? Well this isn't one of those times and you don't have to meet any word quoter.

Sometimes in life, less is more. Keep it short and keep it sweet. You can literally put it in dot format to make it even easier for us.

#6  Have fun.

I'll leave it at 6 steps, at the end of the day it's all about trial an error, there's not perfect profile page.Dating and meeting new people is exciting, have a play around with your profile and see how you go with it. Be fun, polite and open.

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